Dear Toronto drag audiences 

I LOVE meeting other drag fans. I’ve made some of my most wonderful friends within the Drag Race (and non-rpdr) fan base. 
I do NOT, however, do drag, go to drag shows, or interact with the community online in order to be liked by random fans, the general fan base as a whole, or singular people within the community. I don’t give two shits if you don’t like me, I don’t care if you don’t like Drag Coven, and I most certainly don’t have one fuck for your opinion on faux/bio queens. 

I especially don’t care about it when you’re refusing to confront me face to face even though you’re literally standing 5 inches away, or when your continued passive aggressive attacks online are directed ONLY at us (but not the 100 other people doing the same thing) immediately following someone you like paying attention to us and not you. 

Pro tip: attending two drag shows in Toronto in your whole life doesn’t make you friends with professional TV queens and it doesn’t entitle you to a damn thing. I’m lucky enough (and worked hard enough at my three jobs, whether you believe it or not, and I don’t really care whether you do) to have been to more drag shows this month than most people will go to in their lives and I’m STILL not friends with all the professional TV queens and I’m STILL not entitled to anything, so take a seat (lol jk I forgot, that’s not allowed, even if you’re on crutches). 

I EXTRA don’t care that you’re mad we’re up front yet again and you’re not. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- if you want to be up front, get there earlier. This stage is in the centre of the room. There are 100 other people in the front all around it. I’m not your problem, your lack of organization and poor time management is your problem. 

I just spent an amazing day with beautiful friends. I got to see some gorgeous, talented artists do what they love. I’m involved with drag because I love the artistry, I dig what it achieves socially, and it’s freaking fun. I go to shows because I admire the people we get to see and I’ve built friendships with some of those artists. 

And for the love of Rupaul, if you have a problem with any aspect of the Coven or myself, come and speak to me about it like an adult. WHY does no one have the balls to address any of this TO me? I am 5’4″, WHAT am I going to do to you? Wound your ego because I’m 4000% more well-spoken than you in conflict with a reputation that precedes me? OH NOOOOO the bitchy little faux queen is SOOO SCARYYYY! You know where else we have these problems at shows? LITERALLY NOWHERE. Not a single other city in the world. Ever.  Not once. Keep an eye out for us on Reddit! 

Alyssa Edwards is an angel and a saint. Local Toronto drag queens are TO DIE FOR. Bless this day! 

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