I’m a feminist, a writer, a craft and costume lover, a bio queen, and a Lady Gaga worshipper. I’m also a contributor to my drag mother Chiffon Dior’s website NotSafe4Werk.com! I grew up in a nomadic air force family and have lived all over Canada, the US, and the UK. Right now, I live downtown Toronto with my not-so-friendly but extremely adorable cat, Dolce. When I’m not writing, you can find me making outfits from weird materials, having fangirl meltdowns, or traveling with my friends Jamie and Meghan in the drag fan group The Drag Coven.

The All Dragged Up blog is my place for everything; from drag, fan culture, and crafting to cats, feminist rants, and random stories. Enjoy!

(Photo by Mike Giovinazzo)

One thought on “About

  1. missshandag says:

    Dear Courtney and Jamie,

    Thank you. Thank you for being fearless, free spirited, devoted and genuine. Thank you for sharing your talent, creativity and friendship with the drag community, little monster community, and the world. It’s hard to put into words how much I appreciate your devotion and fierce ambition for what you do, as a little monster and lover of drag I have to tell you that I appreciate it SO much. I wish I would have been lucky enough to connect with you both and build a friendship, attend shows, gag over costumes and makeup and share laughs and stories. It is a connection that I have tried so hard to find and hope to someday. You both are so very lucky to have found your tribe and a bestie in eachother, always protect that. Please never stop being who you are!

    Shanda ✨
    Ontario, Canada


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