Bio Drag

I’ve been performing as a “bio queen” for about a year. My performance style is diverse; I do whatever I feel like at the time! Unlike some drag performers, I don’t have a solid drag persona. “Courtney Conquers” is just me having a lot of fun.

I started doing bio drag in a backwards way. I’d already been dressing up as Lady Gaga at her concerts for years when we started doing it at drag shows as Drag Coven. The more we shows we went to dressed up, the more queens and other fans said they “like our drag”. I always laughed it off and said “Thank you, but I’m just a fangirl in a costume”.

I knew cis-gendered girls could do drag as kings, but I had no idea that bio queens were actually a thing. My experience in drag was mostly with queens. It was drag queens who finally convinced me that what we do is more than just “wearing costumes”.

When a local king asked me to perform a few weeks later, I decided that if I was going to be a bio queen, I might as well go all out! Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is full of amazing, talented female club performers, including drag kings, burlesque dancers, pole dancers, and belly dancers, just to name a few. I was Ottawa’s first ever performing bio queen!


To see videos of my performances (as well as my drag-related vlogs), check out my YouTube channel!

if you’d like booking information, please email me at

2 thoughts on “Bio Drag

  1. lianna says:

    so basically you’re just some cishet girl who wears over exaggerated makeup and is obsessed with drag queens and the gay community ? what the fuck is wrong with you


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